Women cell

As per circular number 11/96 dated 09-07-1996, under the direct supervision of the Assistant Commissioner of Police, District Crime Branch a City Women Cell headed by a Woman Police Inspector is functioning in the compound of the Office of the District Police Chief, Thiruvananthapuram City. Al though Cases are not registered with Women Cell, all grievances of Women, particularly, harassment against women, neglect, desertion, not recognizing her rights, family discords etc are handled in this unit and the enquiry reports are submitted to the Superior Officers. The victims of crimes are given counselling and consolation to overcome their worries.

The petitions received in the Women Cell are enquired rightfully and both petitioner and the counter petitioner are summoned to the Cell and their problems are discussed and amicable solutions and legal assistances are provided to them. Two Counsellors from Social Welfare Department regularly visit the Women Cell and provide counselling to the needed people. Women Cell also conducts educational classes to women, conduct adalats to trace out atrocities against women and endow with solutions to the issues.

In order to curtail crimes against women in public places, Women Cell deputes Women Police Personnel in duties such as Eve Teasing Prevention Duty, Beat Patrol Duty etc. Protection is arranged to the woman suffering from domestic violence by assigning a Protection Officer who in turn provides protection and legal advice to the victim.

The Women Cell is tasked to uphold the right and dignity of Women, and in appropriate circumstances, register cases against culprits. Women approach these Cells without any hesitation and fear and receive counselling on various matters free of cost. Many-a-time the Women Cells act as interveners and help Women to tackle family problems, discords etc.

Petitions dealt in Women Cell

  • Petitions received directly from Public.
  • Petitions from Government, Higher Officials of Police Department.
  • Petitions against Police Personnel.
  • Petitions from victims from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

Categories of Petitions dealt in Women Cell
Wife or husband troubled by their in-laws.
Issues of wives discarded by husband
Family discords
Blackmailing from criminals
Dowry related issues
Issues of Livelihood
Issues related to alcoholism
Issues related to assets and properties
Teasing at public places
Crimes at public places
Related to homicide
Related to rape
Related to abduction/Women missing
Troubling any informer/witness

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