District Crime Branch

The Government have designated Crime Detachment unit as District Crime Branch (DCB) vide G.O (Ms) No.124/2014/Home, Dtd. 17.06.2014. As per the GO the District Crime Branch will act as the Specialized District Level Investigative Wing of the District Police Chief. This unit is entrusted to undertake the investigation of the important as well as sensational cases reported in various Police Stations in the City.

Important Functions Of District Crime Branch

Investigation of crime cases

a) General Cases

This unit is entrusted with the investigation of important sensational cases reported at various Police stations in the City. Usually the investigation of the cases is authorized by the District Police Chief, Inspector General of Police (TR) and Additional Director General of Police (SZ). At present, the cases belonging to other districts are also being investigated in this unit. At present 31 cases are pending under investigation in this unit apart from the Passport Act cases.

b) Passport Act Cases

As per PHQ Circular No. 09/2006, all the Passport Act cases reported at the International Airport Thiruvananthapuram and registered at Valiyathura PS under Indian Passport Act and Foreigners Act are investigated by the Crime Detachment unit, Thiruvananthapuram City. At present 204 numbers of Passport Act cases are pending under investigation in this unit, out of which 72 nos of cases are pending with the government for obtaining Prosecution sanction and for 29 cases Factual Reports are under preparation.

c) Petition Enquiry

A large number of petitions are being received in this office from the higher-ups for enquiry. Most of the petitions entrusted to this office are petitions forwarded from government as well as higher-ups which needs detailed enquiry and reports.

d) Verification of investigation and Case Diaries

This office is often instructed to verify the investigation of cases being conducted by SIs and CIs to find out the irregularities if any and to give proper directions for the investigation. The Final /Factual Reports are also entrusted for perusal and remarks.

Nodal Officer & Supervision

a) Operation Kubera

ACP District Crime Branch is designated as Nodal Officer of Operation Kubera in Thiruvananthapuram City. Operation Kubera against unauthorized money lenders charging exorbitant interest and related criminal activities is successfully carried out in the city. Raids are being conducted on the strength of reliable complaints received from the public as well as on the basis of reliable informations collected from various sources.

b)Operation Sureksha

Operation Sureksha, the drive against anti- social elements is introduced on 01.03.2015. In Thiruvananthapuram City, the Inspectors of Police are directed to carryout the instructions laid down under the programme and to furnish the daily action taken report through Police Control Room. The Asst. Commissioner of Police Crime Detachment is instructed to monitor the activities under 2nd phase of Operation Sureksha which commenced from 25.03.2015.

c) District Missing Persons Tracing Unit- (DMPTU)

Vide PHQ Circular 16/2013, a District Missing Persons Tracing Unit (DMPTU) has been constituted in Thiruvananthapuram City under the supervision of ACP CD in order to strengthen the investigation of missing cases and to trace out the missing persons.

d) Vanitha Cell

Thiruvananthapuram City Vanitha Cell is functioning under the direct supervision of ACP DCB

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