History of Thiruvananthapuram City Police

The post of first Superintendent of Police in the formely Travancore State was created in 1881. Sir. Cliver. H. Benseley was the first Superintendent of Police. The entire Travancore Police was headed by the Superintendent of Police. In 1919 the post of Commissioner of Police, Travancore State was formed and Travancore State was divided into three Police districts namely Trivandrum, Quilon and Alleppey each under a Superintendent of Police. The Commissioner of Police was the Head of the Travancore State Police Force till 1938

In 1938 the post of Inspector General of Police as the head of the Travancore State Police Force was created. Sri. Khan Abdul Kharim Khan Suharawarthy was appointed as the first Inspector General of Police.The post of Commissioner of Police was redesignated as the head of Trivandrum District Police and other two Police Districts were headed by Superintendents of Police.

At the time of the formation of Kerala State on 1st November 1956 Travancore was divided into four districts viz. Trivandrum, Quilon, Alleppey and Kottayam. Sri. Bhaskara Marar IPS was the Superintendent of Police, Trivandrum District and Commissioner of Police, Trivandrum City from 01.11.1956 to 14.01.1957. The area comprising the city of Trivandrum within the Revenue District of Trivandrum was constituted as a separate Police District under the Commissioner of Police vide G.O.(MS)No.570/Home/dated 07.11.1962.



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