Telecommunication Unit

 Telecommunication unit Tvpm City is entrusted with upkeep and maintenance of all communication channels and equipments to provide Telecommunication network to the day to day policing in the Tvpm City Police District. Telecommunication unit of Thiruvananthapuram City is headed by Inspector of Police, Telecommunication. About 55 numbers of Police officials in the ranks of Sub Inspectors, Assistant Sub Inspectors, Head Constables and Police Constables from Kerala Police Telecommunication is working in this unit for the upkeep and maintenance of communication equipments and channels. For the repair and maintenance of Computers in the District, a District Computer Maintenance Unit (DCMU) is also functioning within the Telecommunication Unit.

Location of the Telecommunication Unit

First Floor - Police Control Room Tvpm City.
Details of sub unit manned by Tele personnel

City VHF, City Work Shop, CoB CPO, COB CBCID HQ, COB RAILWAY, CITY DCMU, CITY CCTNS, VHF SBCID HQ, City Repeater, Pulinkudy Repeater, Bell Air Repeater, Green Field Repeater and Technopark Repeater.
Details of Repeaters

Vikas Bhavan Repeater for city net & Traffic Net, Secretariat Repeater-Link Repeater, Pulinkudy Repeater for City Net, Bell Air Repeater for Poonthura Communal issue, Railway Repeater for Railway P.S, Green Field and Technopark Repeater for Kazhakkootam

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