District Crime Records Bureau

District Crime Records Bureau is headed by one Assistant Commissioner of Police who is also nodal officer of Crime Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS),District Juvenile - Police Assistance Centre, Police Petition Counter at JanasevanaKendram, Anti Trafficking, Cases of Atrocities against SC/ST persons and Juvenile Police Unit.

Collection, Analysis and Dissemination of the crime data and rendering expert advice to Police Stations is the core function of the District Crime Records Bureau. DCRB has direct supervision on the functioning of the Finger Print Bureau, Official photographer and the Scientific Assistant and they visit the scenes of crime in important cases with the mobile laboratory vehicle and expert advice.

The Main functions of DCRB

  1. Collection , Collation, Analysis and Dissemination of Crime data.
  1. Inspection of Crime Records of Police Stations and other establishments.
  1. Rendering expert advice to Police Stations and other formations.
  1. Alerting Police Stations and other formations on developing crime trends for taking remedial measures.
  1. Investigation of important cases as directed by District Police Chief and other higher authorities.
  1. Imparting training to local Police Station staff on computerization of crime data and taking of finger prints.
  1. Monitoring opening of History Sheets of KDs/DCs in accordance with the standing orders on the subject.
  1. Ensuring the Single Digit classification of convicts as per the standing orders.
  1. Visiting scenes of crime in important cases with the mobile laboratory vehicles, Tester Inspectors and Photographer for rendering expert advice.
  2. Direct supervision over the functioning of the Finger Print Bureau staff and the Official Photographer.
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