Armed Reserve Unit

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The District Armed Reserve Police Camp, Tvpm City is located in the heart of Capital City at Nandavanam having an extend of 5 Acres and 25 Cents of land area. This camp is an old institution and formerly known as Palace Guard and later it was renamed as Armed Reserve Camp, Nandavanam, Thiruvananthapuram City. Now this unit has 9 active companies sanctioned with a total strength of 31 RSIs, 71 ASIs, 115 SCPOs and 907 CPOs. In addition to above, there is one HQ coy in AR Camp comprising the technical strength of Drivers, Mechanics, Armourers, Band, Buglers, Drummer, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Electrician, Camp followers etc. One MT Wing under the charge of a Motor Transport Inspector is also functioning in AR Camp, Tvpm City. There is also Sub-Units like Mounted Police, Dog Squad, Band Unit etc are also functioning under the ambit of AR Camp.

Duties and Functions

The District Armed Reserve is a spinal column of City Police that plays vital role in policing in capital city. It provides manpower support to KCP in the law enforcement as well as traffic regulation, if and when required. The other routine duties are prisoner escort, Money escort, VIP duty, Pilot/Escort Duty, Guard duty, Striker duty, L/O Duty, Anti-sabotage duty, P50/P5G duty, Emergency duty etc. Based on needs, AR Camp provides all logistics support for the Police Dept when and where deemed necessary.


As a preface to the deployment-management and routine administration, it is necessary to emphasis that the AR Camp is in forefront on all events hosted by City Police without affecting the workflow of manpower deployment on otherside in a systematic manner. To confront the emerging requirements and to overcome the parameters, the Asst: Commandant (Adjt) under the direct supervision of Commandant is making action-plan from time to time using the available apparatus.

Integration of AR/Local

Vide GO(P) No/268/2010/Home dated: 10.12.2010 (PHQ Circular No/1/2011 dtd: 01.01.2011) the Government of Kerala Ordered integration of General Executive and District Reserve to form a common Cadre known as Kerala Civil Police.

    Motor Transport Wing

    The Motor Transport Wing of AR, Tvpm City is one of the oldest and the biggest units of its kind in Kerala Police. This unit is functioning under one technically qualified Motor Transport Inspector with the assistance of a Driver Sub Inspector . The Asst. Commandant (MT) is supervising the routine function of the MT wing. The MT Wing is consisting with a fleet of 545 vehicles and having a sanctioned strength of 207 Drivers. This year, a Vehicle Service Ramp has been started in AR Camp for the timely servicing of departmental vehicles.

    Band Unit

    A Brass Band Team is functioning at this unit under the charge of one Band Master of the rank of Reserve Sub Inspector. The Asst. Commandant HQ and Reserve Inspector HQ are holding the over all supervision of the band unit. The band section is attending various Govt, and Private Functions and the various ceremonial parades as permitted by DPC.

    Quarter Master Store

    HQ & QM Wing is functioning under the supervision of Asst. Commandant(HQ). One RI each is holding the charge of HQ Coy and QM Store.

    Anti Sabotage Team

    An Anti-Sabotage checking team is also functioning in City AR. Their routine duty includes conducting AS Check for the protection of VIP, Public places, vital installations etc. It is functioning under the direct supervision of Asst. Commandant (MT). This team is equipped with essential security appliances.

    Mounted Police

    The Kerala Mounted Police is a symbol of Majesty, which is housed in 1.14 Acres of Govt: Land which is located at Kannettumukku, Thycaud. It was established in the year 1880 by the then H.H. the Maharaja of Travancore. The Mounted Police Unit was formerly known as the Raja Pramukha's Body Guards. Later it was renamed as Mounted Police. This unit is functioning under the charge of one qualified Reserve Inspector and the overall supervision is held by Asst. Commandant (IV), AR, Tvpm City. The horses of MP Unit are normally used for the Govt: functions, Ceremonial Parades, Evening/Night Patrol duties and for other bonafied duties.

    Vide GO(Rt) No/1018/2013/Home dated: 16.04.2013, the Govt: of Kerala has banned leasing horses of Police Department on payment basis. The State Police Chief has also instructed vide reference No/T3/39512/2013/PHQ dated: 26.04.2015 that the horses of Police Dept shall not be provided or displayed for any non-Governmental functions on rent.