Kazhakuttam/ Technopark Circle

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Kazhakuttam circle has been merged with the city Police under District Police Chief Thiruvananthapuram city from the District Police Chief,Thiruvananthapuram Rural, Kazhakuttam circle has re designated as Technopark Kazhakuttam circle, in mean time Thumba Police station had been vomited from Medical collage circle and which clubbed with Technopark Kazhakuttam circle under the Inspector of Police, Technopark Kazhakuttam.In addition Mangalapuram,Kadinamkulam and Pothencodu Police stations have been ejected from this circle and Kadinamkulam police station is clubbed with Kadakkavoor circle , Pothencodu and Mangalapuram Police Stations were also clubbed with Pothencodu circle vide GO (Ms) No. 211/2015/Home dtd.28.09.2015 from 01.10.2015.On 01.01.2016 anew sub division formed as per the government order namely Cyber city Sub Division,which consists 2Medical Collage and Technopark Kazhakuttam circle.

Both police stations in Technopark Kazhakuttam are having very sensitive areas in one or other aspects. Kazhakuttam Police Station area is highly sensitive because of the presence of the prestigious Technopark, which was established during 1990.It is one of the most developing IT park in the country. Around 55,000 employees are now working in this area. Out of which 55 % are male and 45 % are belongs in female category. After completion of Phase III, It can be extended about 50,000 more employees will be there. That means total number of employees can be extended to more than one lakh.Techno Park is extended to an area of around 250 acres. Among the 54,000 employees 8000 thousand more are from other states and around 150 are from the other countries. It is estimated that around 11000 employees are staying in nearby places.


VSSC,KSEB Sustation,BlockOffice,SubTreasury,Corporation zonal offices,Agricultureoffice,Registrationoffice,Villageoffice,andGaramaPanchayath Office.

Educational institutions.

S.N.College,Chempazhanthi, St. Xavier’s college,Menamkulam, SNHSS.Chempazhanthi, GHSS. Kazhakuttam, RVT-Kazhakuttam, Women ITI-Kazhakuttam,BPM-Public school, Jyothis Public School

Sub Division - Shanghumugham

Police Stations - Kazhakuttam and Thumba