Mannanthala Police Station

Mannanthala Police Station was inaugurated on 19/01/2011. It has been functioning in the newly constructed building TC X/415(5) of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation in the land of comprised in survey No. 52/02 of Ulloor village.

GO number and date: G.O.(Rt) No.200/2011/Home Dated, 22-01- 2011

Jurisdiction Details

The Jurisdiction of the station starts from the south end at Paruthippara Jn. Comes at to Vayalikada jn. Via Muttada from Vayalikada moves north and then comes upto Society jn via MLA road. From Society jn. Turns to north upto Kizhakke Mukkola from their turns east and moves north &ndasheast direction upto Kallayam. From Kallayam moves to north and comes to Maruthoor Jn. Moves in the direction of south- west from Maruthoor Jn moves again in the Southwest direction keeping Maruthoor Thodu as boundary. Maruthoor thodu joins Amayizhanchan Thodu at Malapparikkonam and again flows in the south west direction upto Keraladithypuram. From Keraladithyapuram it flows south direction via Uliyazhthura, thattinakam and Parottukonam Temple road. From maruthoor to Parottukonam Thodu is Boundary. From Parottukonam comes east direction keeping Temple road as boundary and then meets MC road at Pananvila jn. The entire left side area of the route is the jurisdiction of the police station.

Border Police Stations

The border police stations of Mannanthala Police station are Peroorkada, Nedumangad, Vattappara,Sreearyam, Medical college

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

Jurisdiction of Mannanthala Police Station comes under Attingal and Thiruvananthapuram Parliament Constituency and in Kazhakuttam, Vattiyurkavu and Nedumangad Legislative Assembly

Bank and Financial Institutions

  • SBI Mannanthala, Sahadevan shopping Complex, Mannanthala
  • Catholic Syrian Bank , Rajeevam Building, Mannanthala
  • Corporation Bank, Kurissadi Jn
  • Union Bank, Kurissadi Jn
  • SBT Bank Nalanchira, Near Nalanchira Market
  • Catholic Syrian Bank Near Mar Ivanios College Gate, Near Mar Ivanios College Gate
  • Indian Bank Nalanchira, Main Gate
  • SBI Bank Civil Station Kudappanakunnu,
  • Bank with ATM- Kudappanakunnu Jn,
  • Kerala Gramin Bank Kizhakke Mukkola Jn,
  • Peroorkada Service Co.Operative bank Paruthippara,
  • HDFC Bank Nalanchira,
  • Indian Overseas bank Kizhakkemukkola,
  • Canara Bank Mukkola,
  • Karakulam Service Co.Op.Bank Mukkola,

Government Institutions

  • Govt. Press Mannanthala
  • BSNL Office
  • Paruthippara Agricultural Office
  • Kudappanakunnu Krishi Bhavan
  • Parottukonam Mukkola,

Important Colleges & Schools

  • Govt. LPS, Mukkola
  • Govt. HS, Mannanthala
  • Govt. HS, Kattachakonam
  • Technical Educational Institute, Press Compound, Mannanthala
  • Mar Ivanios College, Nalanchira
  • ST.Thomas Residential School, Mukkola
  • ST. Thomas Central School, Mukkola
  • ST. Thomas Higher Secondary School, Mukkola
  • ST. Thomas B.Ed College, Mukkola
  • ST.Gorettis HSS, Nalanchira
  • Bethani Navajeevan physiotherapic College, Nalanchira
  • Navajeevan School, Nalanchira
  • ST.Johns HSS, Nalanchira
  • Sarvodaya vidhyalaya, Nalanchira
  • Mar Beselios Engg.College, Nalanchira
  • Mar Gregorious Law College, Nalanchira
  • Mar Gregorious B.Ed College, Nalanchira
  • Mar Cleemis School of Management, Nalanchira
  • Jayamatha ITC, Nalanchira
  • ST.Reetas UP School, Aruviyod

Important Temples and Festivals

  • Anandavalleeswaram Temple - Mannanthala
  • Udiyannoor Siva Temple, Nalanchira
  • Ezhuanyavur devi Temple, Nalanchira
  • Kudappanaunnu Devi temple
  • Devi Temple, Perappoor
  • Ganapathi Temple Mukola
  • Subrahmanya Temple, Erappuzhy
  • Mailappally Devi Temple, Keraladithyapuram
  • Malamkodu Devi Temple, Melamkod
  • Uliyazhthura Devi Temple
  • Kurumkulam Devi Temple 
  • Eravipuram Temple, chenchery
  • Anchumuku Devi Temple
  • Muttada devi Temple

Churches and Festivals

  • CSI Church, Kurunkulam
  • CSI Church, Pallimuku, Kallayam
  • ST. Marys Orthodox Church, Nalanchira
  • Ranigiri Church, Mannanthala
  • Malankara Catholic Church, Inside MarIvanios Compound
  • Orthodox Syrian Church, Near Mar Ivanois Gate Nalanchira
  • Catholic church, Paruthippara Jn
  • Catholic Church, Muttada
  • Lutheran Church, Mannanthala
  • ST. Thomas Malankara Syrian Church, Kurissadi Jn
  • CSI Church, Near Revathy Auditorium, Mannanthala
  • Penthecostal Church, Peringattukuzhy, Benedict Nagar, Nalanchira
  • Catholic Church, Kallayam
  • CSI Church, Malapparikkonam
  • Catholic Church, Near MGH Colony, Maruthoor
  • CSI Church, Near Sneha Jn., Thattinakam,
  • Seventhday Adventist Church, Manjamkodu Colony, Maruthoor

Various Projects through the Police Station

The Clean Campus Safe campus are applied at Palayamkunnu HS, Panayara HS , Kappil GHS and Edava Muslim HS


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