Cantonment Police Station

         The Station building is situated in 30 cents of land comprising in Sy. No. 2834, 2835, 2836 of Thycaud Village in Thiruvananthapuram Taluk near to Government Secretariat  with TC 4/308 and 4/309 buildings.                 

         It is a multi storied building.  In the ground floor, Cantonment Police Station and office of the Circle Inspector of Police, Cantonment are functioning.   In the first floor, City VHF, Office of the CI 'C' Room,  Office of the AC Control Room, are functioning there.  Construction of the 2nd floor has been completed and Police Cantrol Room with Vanitha Help Line accommodated in that space

                  In the eastern side of the building another two storied building is situated.  In which, Vanitha Police Station and Office of the Asst. Commissioner of Police, Cantonment are functioning.  There is no quarters for police personnel in this station limit

          The Police Station started on 14.03.1973 as an outpost as per GO (Rt) No. 17875/1972 Home Dated. 28.11.1972. Then it was upgraded as charge police station as per GO (Rt) No. 355/73 Home Dated 05.03.1973.

Jurisdiction details

3) As per the G.O the boundary and jurisdiction of Cantonment Police Station are Kunnukuzhi, Thampuran mukku, Palayam in Vanchiyoor Village & Part of Bakery Junction and Thycaud in Thycaud Village

Border Police stations

Medical College P.S, Museum P.S, Poojappura P.S, Thampanoor P.S and Vanchiyoor P.S

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

The station comprises with in Thiruvananthapuram Assembly and Thiruvananthapuram Parliament Constituencies.

Government Institutions

  • Govt. Secretariate, Statue
  • Secretariate Annex, Statue
  • NABARD, Statue
  • PWD Office, Near Press Club
  • Govt. Press,  Near Central Stadium
  • BSNL Regional Office, Near Govt, Press
  • Kerala Sports Council, Near Gate III
  • Fire Force Office, Rajaji Nagar
  • NORKA Office, Thycadu
  • CPO, Thycadu
  • IHRD Office, Bakery
  • Gorkhi Bhavan, Vanross Jn
  • Friends, Saphalayam Complex
  • Office Of Ombudsman, Saphalayam Complex
  • Office Of Kerala University, Palayam
  • DHS, General Hospital Jn


General Hospital, Govt Eye Hospital and Jubilee Memmorial Hospital

Educational Institutions

Govt. Schools- St. Joseph High School, Govt Model High School.

Govt. Colleges- University College, Sanskrit College, Govt Arts College, Govt Teachers training College

Banks & Financial institutions

  • State Bank of India, Statue branch, Oottukuzhi,
  • State Bank of India, Opp to Sect.Main gate, Statue
  • State Bank of India, Near Patrol Pump, General Hospital Jn.
  • State Bank of India, , Opp to AKG centre
  • State Bank of India, , Trivandrum main branch, Opp to AG&rsquos office, Statue,
  • State Bank of Travancore, Treasury branch, Statue, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • State Bank of Travancore, Opp to Sect.Main gate, Statue
  • State Bank of Travancore, Panavila Junction
  • State Bank of Travancore, Near NGO Union Office, Bakery Jn.
  • Bank of Maharastra, Behind IOC pump, Statue
  • Indian oversees Bank, , Opp. to AG&rsquos office, Statue
  • Indian oversees Bank, , Near Patrol Pump, General Hospital Jn.
  • Canara bank, , Cantonment circle, Spencer Jn
  • Tvpm Dist. Cooperative bank, , Near Bhagavathy store,   Vanross Jn   
  • Dist. Co operative bank, , Nehru Jn, Near RC jn, Kunnukuzhi
  • ICICI centurian bank, , Statue
  • Federal Bank, , Near Maharaja textiles, Pulimoodu
  • Federal Bank, , Jubilee Road,
  • ING vysya Bank. , Jacon Jn
  • Bank of India, , Opp.University Library, Palayam
  • Bank of India, , Spences Branch.
  • South Indian Bank, Jacobs Jn.
  • Catholic Syrian Bank, , opp.University Library, Palayam

Important temples & festivals

Ganapathy Temple, Palayam, Ganapathy Temple, Jacobs Junction, Sastha Temple, Thycaud, Ujjaini Mahakali Amman Temple, Press Raod, Muthumari Amman Temple, Opposite NABARD, Muthumari Amman Temple, Opposite Adyapaka Bhavan, Madan Temple , Oottukuzhi, Villiyappan Temple, Rajaji Nagar, Mutharamman Temple, Tutor's Lane, Ujjumali Amman Temple, Danamukku,

Churches & Festivals

1.Spencer Junction, 2. Opp. University Library, 3. Punnan Road, Statue, 4. Rajaj Nagar

Important Mosque

Mosque Palayam, Salafi Centre Oottukuzhi

Important Projects through Station

Janamaithri and School Police Cadets

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