Emergency Response Support System (ERSS)

The calls from the public to 112 are received at the state wide Control Room.The calls received are then dispatched to the District Co ordination Centers.

 Emergency Response Units along with Mobile Data Terminals to provide emergency support to the people who are in any kind of urgency. All the DCCs are equipped with modern infrastructural and technical facilities to ensure that quick and efficient service is provided to the public. The DCCs deliver the message to the police vehicle nearest to the point of emergency, the entire activities can be monitored by the State Control Room.

The System has been equipped in such a way that police support can be ensured at any time of the day and at any situations. Since its implementation in the month of February in 2019,we have attended more than 131900 events of different nature and could provide the best possible support to the public. We also constantly try to improve the performance.

An Officer in the rank of DySP/ACP bears the charge of Office of the state Emergency Response Center. 112 service was inaugurated in Kerala by the honorable Chief Minister of Kerala in 15th August 2019.