Motor Transport Wing

Motor Transport Unit in Thiruvananthapuram City is the biggest Motor Transport wing in Kerala Police which plays a vital role in the Kerala Police. Mobility is highly essential for the effective, timely and proper functioning of Police force to maintain the Law & Order situations in City Police. In order to facilitate the movement of Police force in the City/Rural/outside districts to make the force self sufficient in the matter of transport required for the performance of duties routine and also the time of emergencies. Different types of motor vehicles have been provided to all Offices of Senior officers, Inspector General office Tvpm Range, District Police office, all ACP’s and circles and all police Stations, Traffic, Special units in Thiruvananthapuram City.

The office of the Motor Transport wing is located in Armed Reserve Camp, Nandavanam, and Thiruvananthapuram. The City Police have 550 nos. Of various types of vehicles including two wheelers, four wheelers and heavy vehicle Riot control vehicles and Boats. The Motor Transport of office of this unit is handling the proper repair of vehicles, up keeping of registers and office records. This unit is under the control of one Technically Qualified Motor Transport Inspector and he was assisted by one driver Sub-Inspector. In this a unit workshop is functioning which consisting of one Mech. HC, 5 Mech. PCs and One Electrician.

The overall supervision is vested to District Police Chief Tvpm City assisted by Commandant, Assistant Commandant-MT, Armed Reserve Camp Tvpm City. The Motor Transport Wing having 208 nos of drivers to operate the vehicles allotted to the various offices and police stations.

Tvpm City Police have special purpose vehicles such as bullet proof Car for VVIP/VIP duties, Water Cannon, Vajra and min ivajra vehicles for riot control duties and heavy recovery and mini recovery for the removal of vehicles obstructing smooth traffic, Security van for the transportation of Arms and ammunitions, Mobile kennel vehicles for dog squad, Ambulances, water tanker and open lorries etc. We have 5 nos of various boats both in land and Interceptor. The two boats are performing water born police stations and 3 Inter captor boats are performing the duties of costal Police station for the movement of police personnel.