Thampanoor Police Station

Jurisdiction Boundary of Thampanoor Police

Thampanoor police Station was opened on 19.05.1971 at 08.00 AM as per G.O.(MS) 73/71(Home) dated 04.05.1971, inaugurated by Hon&rsquoble Sri.A Kunjuraman, Mayor, Corporation,Trivandrum city. Sri.M.Gopalan, Inspector General of Police, Kerala,Sri.C.Subramoniam, Commissioner of Police Trivandrum citywere present.

Station Boundary: Roads from Parachira Spillway on Killi River to Kannettumukku and towards Mettukkada and to Pulimoodu Junction via Music College road and Government Press road.From Pulimoodu Junction along main road to Thakaraparambu junction from there to Myladikadavu to ParachiraSpilway. The Killi River is the boundary on East Side and the river and all the roads being within the station jurisdiction including the road from Thakaraparambu Junction to Myladikadavu.

              The eastern portion of Puthanchantha Kara from Pulimodu Junction to Over bridge Junction including the main road and eastern portion of Pazhavangadi Kara from Over bridge to Thakaraparambu Junction including the main road.

Jurisdiction of Station

 Under Thycaud Village:

  1. Thycaud (Portion)
  2. Mettukada
  3. Valiyasala
  4. Chenthitta
  5. Thampanoor
  6. Choorakattupalayam

Under Vanchiyoor Village:

  1. Mele Pazhavangadi (Portion)
  2. Puthenchantha
  3. Mele Thampanoor

Border Police Stations

  1. North &ndash Cantonment Police Station
  2. West &ndash Vanchiyoor Police Station
  3. South West - Fort Police Station
  4. North East &ndash Museum Police Station
  5. South East &ndash Karamana Police Station and Poojapura Station

Government Institutions

  1. KSRTC Bus Terminal
  2. Railway Station
  3. RMS
  4. Housing Board
  5. KSEB, Puthenchentha
  6. KSEB, Power House
  7. Food Safety Office, Thycaud
  8. Health Institute
  9. Nirmithi Bhavan, Thycaud
  10. KSFE, Housing Board Junction            


  1. Chenthitta Devi Temple, Chenthitta, Festival &ndash Navarathri Festival
  2. Ayyappa Temple, S.S Kovil Road,
  3. Gandhari Amman Temple &ndash Gandhari Amman Kovil Road,
  4. Ganapathy Temple, Thampanoor
  5. Subrahamaniyan Temple, Housing Board
  6. Ganapathy Temple, Aristo Junction
  7. Ganapathy Temple, New Theatre
  8. Ayyaguru Temple, Thycaud
  9. Murukan Kovil Temple, Valiyasala
  10. Nagar Temple, Kavilkadavu
  11. Bhoothanatha Temple, Kannattemukku
  12. Essaki Amman Temple, Kanthallore
  13. Karakkadu Temple
  14. Ujayanni Amman Kovil, Thycaud


Assumption Church, Near Thycaud Hospital


Mosque Lane, Thampanoor


Killi River (South East)

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