Peroorkada Police Station

The Station building is situated in 24 cents of land comprising in Sy. No. 88 of Peroorkada Village in Thiruvananthapuram Taluk near to the Peroorkada Market. It is a multi storied building. In the ground floor, Peroorkada Police Station. In the first floor Conference hall and Rest room for police personnel are functioning there.

In the South West side of the building another building is situated. In which, Office of the Inspector of Police, Peroorkada is functioning. There is no quarters for police personnel in this station limit.

The Police Station started on 16.11.1983 as an outpost as per GO (Rt) No. 3586/83/Home 16.11.1983.

Jurisdiction details

5) As per the G.O the boundary and jurisdiction of Peroorkada Police Station are Pippinmoodu, Kowdiar, Pattom, Kesavadasapuram, Paruthippara, Vayalikkada, Mukkola, Christ Nagar, Vazhayila.

Border Police Stations

Mannanthala PS, Museum PS, Vattiyoorkavu PS, Aruvikkara PS, Nedumangad PS

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

This station comes under Thiruvananthapuram Parliament constituency and in Thiruvananthapuram Legislative Assembly

Government Institutions

  • State Planning Board Pattom
  • Dairy development office Kudappanakkunnu
  • Kerala Water Authority Kowdiar, Kowdiar,
  • Peroorkada
  • Survey School Ambalamukku
  • Sastra Bhavan Pattom
  • Jalabhavan Muttada


  • Santhwana Ambalamukku
  • Kolathu Hospital Peroorkada
  • JJ Hospital Peroorkada
  • Peroor Mecical Centre  Peroorkada
  • District Model Hopital Peroorkada
  • ESI Hospital Peroorkada

Educational Institutions

  • Concordia school Mannamoola
  • LP school Oolampara
  • Temple entry school Devapalan nagar
  • S.N.M school Peroorkada
  • Govt,G.H.S.S,Ambalamukku Ambalamukku
  • Concordia school poomalliyurkonam
  • UPS, Kudappanakunnu
  • shanthal.H.S Kowdiar
  • Technical higher secondary school Muttada
  • Govt UPS Kusavarkkal
  • Govt UPS Kuravankonam
  • Mary Giri School Kudappanakunnu
  • Infant Jesus School           Kuravan konam
  • Law Academy Peroorkada
  • Mahatma Gandhi College Kesavadasapuram

Banks and Financial institutions

  • Canara bank Paruthipara
  • SBT Civil station
  • IOB Peroorkada
  • South Indian bank Peroorkada
  • Union Bank Of India Peroorkada
  • SBI Peroorkada
  • SBT Mannamoola
  • Vijaya bank Vazhayila
  • ICICI bank Vazhayila
  • SBT Near latex
  • Catholic Syrian bank Ambalamukku
  • SBT 1 Peroorkada
  • SBT 2 Peroorkada
  • South Indian Bank Peroorkada
  • Union Bank of India Peroorkada
  • IOB Peroorkada
  • Central bank of India Peroorkada
  • Indus ind Bank Peroorkada
  • Fedaral Bank Peroorkada
  • SBI Peroorkada
  • Bank of Baroda Peroorkada
  • IDBI Kowdiar
  • SBT Kowdiar
  • SBT Kowdiar
  • Canara Bank Peroorkada
  • IOB Kuravankonam
  • Fedaral bank Kuravankonam
  • HDFC Kuravankonam
  • SBT Kuravankonam
  • ICICI Kuravankonam
  • Central Bank of India Kuravankonam
  • Axis Bank Kuravankonam
  • Fedaral bank,LIC Pattom
  • Indian Bank Pattom

Important Temples and Festivals

  • Sreekrishnaswami Temple Ambalamukku
  • Mahadeva Temple Pippinmodu
  • Edakkulam Devi Temple Edakkulam
  • Kudappanakkunnu Devi Temple Kudappanakkunnu
  • Chittaloor Devi Temple Vayailkkada
  • Ganapathy Temple C.C.Road
  • Oolampara Ganapathy Temple Oolampara
  • Mannadi Devi Temple Ambalamukku
  • Kunnathunada Devi Temple Kudappanakkunnu
  • Kadappathala Devi Temple Behind SAP quarters
  • Ayyappa Temple Vazhayila
  • Thempuran Temple Krishna Nagar
  • Arappura Devi Temple Muttada
  • Devi Temple K.D. Road
  • Thalayapoor Devi Temple Erappukuzhi
  • Kusappanakkunnu Mahadeva Temple Kudappanakkunnu

Churches and Festivals

  • Marigiri Church Vazhayila
  • Concordia Church Kudappanakkunnu
  • CSI Church Kudappanakkunnu
  • CSI Church Peroorkada
  • CSI Church Pippinmoodu
  • Kristhumangalam CSI Church     Oolampara
  • Marthoma Church Peroorkada AKG Nagar

Important Mosques

  • Mosque Peroorkada
  • Mosque Harvipuram

Projects through the Police Station

Janamaithri, cSchool Police Cadets projects are successfully, implemented


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